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Have you ever floated the idea of change management with senior leaders to support the delivery of change and been told no – to just get it implemented? They want the change delivered now; the application rolled out, the process updated or the legacy system decommissioned? Without supporting and upskilling those affected you know that the change is likely to fail. But your stakeholders don’t get it. And so you and your colleagues implement the change knowing that there are risks to it’s success, that employees are likely to resist the change and that it may not even achieve what you set out to do in the beginning, that its success is hindered from the start. You’re not alone – one of the biggest challenges can be getting exec buy in and stakeholder support to use change management to embed change. In this video I talk through how to show your exec team the true value of change management and why now is the best time to get their support so that you increase the chance of change success.

If you’d like more information on how to have this conversation with your exec team email Becky to arrange an informal chat.